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Integrating IRC Into Your Monitoring Regime

IRC is a great tool.  Beyond the world of networks out there, it’s also quite handy to use a private server within your organization.  For basically the last decade I have worked for companies that use internal IRC systems, or forced it on the ones that didn’t.  The ability to use channels for specific groups [...]

DSH for Mass Manipulation! (HOWTO)

DSH, (distributed shell or dancer’s shell) gives us a way to run commands from a single host across multiple servers.  In other words, it’s a life saver.  It’s perfect for anything from changing routes, to tailing log files to adding host entries and installing software. Installation: I found a couple of repo’s out there that [...]

Load Balancing with PEN

How many times have you had a very expensive load balancing pair in front of your network and some service behind them that needed to use another load balanced service in the back end? Now you can always throw caution to the wind and allow the big boys up front to do the load balancing [...]

Balancing Your Interrupts

 We had a weird one this week. The MRTG graphs were showing us some excessive CPU usage on the 10 servers that run our core systems. These servers handle about 30 million requests per day and they were recently moved to new hardware. In all the haste of the move I’d really just been using [...]

Vampire Chronicles, The Conclusion

Well, our fun with the undead is over. If you’re not caught up, read the following 2 articles first: Part 1 Part 2 I decided a couple of days ago to just make the change global as it seemed like there was an increase in hotlinking to Meat’s site just in general. The vampire clan [...]

Using mod_rewrite as Your Wooden Stake (follow up)

Well it was an eventful day on the vampire site from yesterday’s mod_rewrite adventure.  It seems we’ve created a bit of a stir in the underworld and there is a potential coup about to unfold.  A quick check of the evil von Carstein’s profile shows that he has been posting about his new avatar.  If [...]

Using mod_rewrite as Your Wooden Stake… or, Image Hijacking for the Layman

I was helping out my boy MeatBaron who runs a stock trading web site recently.  He was concerned that Google wasn’t hitting his sitemap so I dove into his logs looking for traces of Google coming by.  They were there and he was happy and that really should have been the end of it.  I [...]

Puppet Quick Start

 I really had a hard time finding some quick and dirty instructions on getting a puppet server and client up and running.  I think the big issues were: 1.) a smaller community 2.) a lot of info on older versions. So I’m just going to throw this list together real quick if nothing else, for [...]

Puppet Master!

I spent a good week messing around with other people’s posts about puppet.  It’s strange in that,  I couldn’t find anybody that had a clear path to install it and get it going, just lots of fragments and old versions.  So I finally broke down and got Turnbull’s book.  20 minutes in and I was [...]