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Vampire Chronicles, The Conclusion

Well, our fun with the undead is over. If you’re not caught up, read the following 2 articles first: Part 1 Part 2 I decided a couple of days ago to just make the change global as it seemed like there was an increase in hotlinking to Meat’s site just in general. The vampire clan [...]

Using mod_rewrite as Your Wooden Stake (follow up)

Well it was an eventful day on the vampire site from yesterday’s mod_rewrite adventure.  It seems we’ve created a bit of a stir in the underworld and there is a potential coup about to unfold.  A quick check of the evil von Carstein’s profile shows that he has been posting about his new avatar.  If [...]

Using mod_rewrite as Your Wooden Stake… or, Image Hijacking for the Layman

I was helping out my boy MeatBaron who runs a stock trading web site recently.  He was concerned that Google wasn’t hitting his sitemap so I dove into his logs looking for traces of Google coming by.  They were there and he was happy and that really should have been the end of it.  I [...]